July 20th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, The week of 20 July 2009

Let's see how many people weigh in to scream at John for whining about having to WATCH ME, DADDY, WATCH ME!!! I'd say a lot and I don't expect any contradictory letters to appear any time soon.

ETA: It should have been obvious in hindsight that more people want to tell that she's doing a whiz-bang job than talk about the strip itself.
Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Given that Lynn is trying to prove the haters that they're wrong about the Pattersons, we cam expect see all manner of odd things awaiting us on the Foob's trip to the park. We might, for instance, bear witness to John getting bent out of shape that Elly and the kids didn't run the trip by him first.

It's worse than that; it's a sickly-sweet mess that gets self-referential and stoopid.

Panel 1: We're at the park today; as the offsprings go off to play, Connie and Elly watch them from a near-by bench. Connie says that having a park down the street from where they live is a nice thing; Elly reminds her that that's one of the reasons she and John wanted to live in the Sharon Park section of Milborough.

Panel 2: Connie says that's also why she lives there; she also points out that the fact that she and Elly would be neighbors is a selling point. Elly murmurs in assent.

Panel 3: Connie then delivers a wall of text about how fate seems to have ensured that the two of them are raising their kids together; that's a good thing because so many people lose touch after University. Elly seconds that emotion by saying "That's true."

Panel 4: Connie then says it's almost as if they're characters in a story. Elly wonders who it is "writes" their material. Both of them ignore the word "Lynn" floating in mid-air next to the bench.

Summary: You just know that the author, who's pretty much declared herself the God of the Pattersons' world, is going to get her ego stroked by the Kool-Aid Drinkers today; she'll be named the superior of Shakespeare (or Sir Francis Bacon if the rumors are true) by a lot of Inmen.