July 15th, 2009

Fugly Elly

Thursday, 16 July 2009: prelude to a re-reprint.....

aprilp_katje has noticed that yesterday's new-ruin is a remix of the strip that might appear today:

Collapse )

That's so Lynn can rerun this strip Friday.

I'm close; it's a new-ruin that reminds us that a one-year-old is trying to mess up her brother's life because the son is in her eyes.

Panel 1: Mike asks Lizzie politely if he can borrow her shovel; she says NO!!

Panel 2: He says that's just gonna use it for a minute; she yells MINE!!!!!

Panel 3: She screams in anger after he says "Just a minute" and tries to take it from her.

Panel 4: As a baby-sized version of the Stormcloud Of Rage appears over hre head, she yanks it away from him.

Panel 5: Having proven that she's the Boss of Him because she's young and cute, she tosses it aside; his response is to look gobsmacked and thought-bubble exclamation points.

Summary: This week is a replacement for the strips I mentioned so it's likely that tomorrow's strip will show us that Elly doesn't care especially that her other freakishly-advanced child Doesn't Play Well With Others.

ETA: The new banner is up; it celebrates Lynn's love of the disgustingly juvenile habit of spitting watermelon seeds onto innocent civilians. Cuteness factor: negative thirty billion.

BIFF! A background

In LJ's 6/24 blog entry thing about Mexico (day 2) she mentioned the "biff" in the house they are staying at. The use of the word baffled most everyone here--I'm vaguely familiar with it, having hear "biffy" in reference to an outhouse before. However, LJ seems to call the entire bathroom as "biff" (and when accompanied with her slang of "flusher" and "douche," it's just terrible). However, I was recently going through the archives trying to find a strip, when I came across this one from Mike's time in Tokyo


wherein he calls the TOILET (not an outhouse!) a biff! So apparently this isn't a slang word LJ made up on the spot, but she's been using it for awhile (although in bizarre contexts). 


Pictures of Squirt.

Lynn seems to have gotten a lot of letters asking for photographic proof that she visited with Tom and Tracey/Tanya; to that end, she's posted four photos on her blog to show us that she was telling the truth.

Picture One: Clover the fawn. Cuteness level: high.

Picture Two: Tracker the bulldog. Cuteness level: see above.

Picture Three: Lynn smiling as she holds Squirt the skunk. Cuteness level: moderate.

Picture Four: Close-up of Squirt. Cuteness Level: It goes to eleven.