July 14th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Since we're probably in new-ruin country for the rest of the week, Lynn will try to make Elly look reasonable as she tries to explain to John why it's bad for Mike to play like regular children do. This will involve her spouting myths and old wives tales that impress the Kool-Aid Drinkers yet really answer nothing.

Wrong again; there I go expecting Lynn to make sense. Instead, she's got to make Mike look freakishly advanced.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike asking Lizzie if he and Lawrence can play in the sandbox; she says NO!!!

Panel 2: He reminds her that there's room for the three of them; she still says NO!!!!!

Panel 3: He then acts like a kid by saying that they're coming in anyway so she'd better move over.

Panel 4: She responds by CLONKing him on the head with her pail.

Panel 5: Instead of yelling for Elly or retaliating or anything else a real kid would do, Mike muses that girls are territorial like the super-advanced kid he is in the new-ruins.

Summary: If Lawrence starts carrying a security blanket tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised. I also wouldn't be surprised if we were to see Elly be gobsmacked by something commonplace.