July 11th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Let's see what sort of mess we have to deal with today; my guess is that since Lynn has decided to promote Farley some more, we'll have lots of fun watching Elly yell at poop.

I wish we were that lucky; what we have to contend with instead is Elly moaning about how unfair it is things are what they are. The thing in question that she wishes would change is, of course, the need children have for attention. If they could just sit quietly and do nothing while she runs her mouth, that would be decent of them.

Panel 1: We start off with Annie and Elly getting in the middle of talking smack about Connie over coffee; Christopher, not understanding that he's supposed to sit quietly while his mother tears down another human being in order to build herself up, demands her attention; in response, she tells him to go find something to do.

Panel 2: She next tells him to play with Lizzie's toys and to go see what Lizzie's doing. Since we all know that he gets grabby which makes her shriek in anger, that seems like a bad idea. (When you realize that Lizzie is surgically attached to Elly's leg, it's an even worse one.)

Panel 3: So does trying to bargain with him but she does it; she explains that she's trying to visit with Elly so he should go off and play. This feels wrong to me; she can make sweeping generalizations about something she doesn't know about any time. Christopher has only the one childhood.

Panel 4: Annie asks Elly "So you were saying..."

Panel 5: The annoying little boy with his cruel, selfish, unfair need for maternal love when he's supposed to sit quietly staring into space has returned looking for one of the cookies that were meant for big people; Annie says that he may not have a cookie before allowing him the one.

Panel 6: Annie asks "Now, where were we?"

Panel 7: Elly rolls her eyes in disgust as Christopher returns; that's because Annie gives in to his unreasonable demand to sit in Mommy's lap just so long as he doesn't make any noise.

Panel 8: As he evilly enjoys himself and stimulates his mind by using the coffee spoon as a drumstick, Annie announces that it's time that she was going.

Panel 9: As she leaves, she says "Goodbye, El." Elly, who (as always) has Lizzie clinging to her leg, responds "Goodbye...."

Panel 10: "....nice talking to you."

Summary: Lynn has a camera in my local shopping mall; that's because I see this play out in every food court in the city where I live. I know that it's sort of annoying to have to be distracted when you want to talk to a friend but it's not like the child is deliberately trying to ruin the distractee's life so this strip bugs the shit outta me. It's almost as annoying as realizing that Lizzie was being a 'good' child by fearfully clinging to Mommy's leg and not wanting to be noticed.