July 3rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Having ruined Canada Day by showing us Farley rolling around in old dog crap because he was inadequately supervised tells me that she's about to blight Independence Day by having John put a period on the week's activity by saying something 'thoughtless', 'patronizing' and (worst of all) one hundred percent accurate.

Well, I'm close; Elly is about to totally lose her religion because John can't read her mind.

Panel 1: Remember when Elly angrily declared that she was sick of cleaning up after Farley? She obviously doesn't because she's just bathed him. As she hands him off to Mike, she gets into full-on rant mode and tells him that she's just bathed, dried and brushed him for the second time that day.

Panel 2: She then decrees that he is not to leave the yard and is to stay on the lawn or driveway.

Panel 3: Her silhouette tells Mike's silhouette that he is not to get wet or dirty. Mike promises that all he's going to do is stay in the yard.

Panel 4: Mike and Farley are not the only ones in the yard, though; John is in the yard washing the hovercar. As Mike playfully sprays Farley and an unsupervised Lizzie with the hose, Elly is in the background ready to explode.

Summary: A regular person would assume that John didn't know what had happened earlier and just has lousy timing. Lynn and Elly are not regular people; both assume that John's inability to read Elly's mind is a sign that he's evil. If he were good, he'd know what Elly wants him to do without his annoying, selfish and evil habit of asking her beforehand.