July 2nd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 3 July 2009

Sadly, I think I know what might happen: Mike takes Farley home to show Elly what's wrong, Farley's bowels release all over the carpet and Elly unhinges her jaw and shrieks. This might happen today or blight our Saturday.

I'm half-right. Elly is shrieking but it isn't about Farley crapping on the carpet.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly on the font porch talking to Mike. He tells her that Farley did what dogs do and rolled in something smelly and now HE stinks. Elly whines 'NOT AGAIN?!!'

Panel 2: She's upset because she'd just given him a bath that morning and angrily declares that if it's not one of them getting dirty, it's the other.

Panel 3: She then starts into a rant about how he tramps it in the house for her to clean up and how sick she is that she does all the work. Mike thought-bubbles "COOL!!!"

Panel 4: He then adopts conciliatory body language and thought-bubbles "If you look at'em an'don't say anything, they think you're listening" as his mother stands there ranting in public like the doughhead she is.

Summary: We've 'learned' that Elly hasn't reconciled herself to the fact that kids and pets get messy; we've learned that she does nothing at all to encourage the assistance she claims to want and we've learned that the people around her tune out her ranting. Lynn would have us believe that that happens because they're selfish and want to ruin her life; too bad that she publishes strip after strip that depicts an Elly who, like her creator, doesn't know what she's talking about.