June 27th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Now that it's summer vacation, we can probably expect

a) Elly to look all martyred because her kids want to play.
b) Elly at the beach spitting watermelon seeds.
c) Elly eating until she bursts.
d) John being a dick and ogling pretty girls.
(This, of course, leads us to the conclusion that it might be e: All of the above.)

Actually, it's none of the above: it's Elly not getting why a desirable change in Lizzie's surroundings upsets her. John is left to point out that small children fear abrupt change and love the comfortable. It should also be noted that Elly didn't think to acclimate Lizzie and abruptly sprang said change on her; she learned her lesson from this and very gradually got her used to the idea of a teal-and-lavender future.

Panel 1: We start today's proceedings in Lizzie's room; Elly, having put a big kid bed in Lizzie's room, encourages her to try it out. Lizzie looks reluctant.

Panel 2: Apparently, she took too long so Elly is trying to force her to do so; her response to this is to yell "Nizzie no go on bed."

Panel 3: Elly, obviously assuming that Lizzie has the same defective memory she does, reminds her that this is a big kid bed for her, that it's just like Michael's and that Lizzie sleep on big bed now.

Panel 4: She ignores her daughter's obvious discomfort as she sushes about how soft, comfy and cozy it is.

Panel 5: Her failure or, more likely, refusal to see that this sudden change terrifies her daughter leaves her unable to handle things when Lziie bursts into tears and yell "Me want baby bed."

Panel 6: She thus looks deflated when she tells John that Lizzie wouldn't even try that beautiful new bed.

Panel 7: She then asks John why it is that she prefers her old crib.

Panel 8: As we see her surrounded by her stuffed toys and familiar bars, John tells Elly that her crib is more comfortable.

Summary: Perhaps if Elly were to have put one or two of the stuffed toys in the bed, Lizzie might have tried it. Not that it matters; by tomorrow, Lizzie will have reverted to being 6 months old instead of being the 2 year old she is here.