June 25th, 2009

Calm Candiru

Friday, 26 June 2009

Given that the strip has devolved into a bleak expanse of dreary wordplay, bad artwork, garbled English, inconsistent characterization and unwise wisdom, we can probably expect to see another masterwork of cheerless levity. Perhaps aprilp_katje will be proven right and we'll watch paint dry.

Worse; we're watching Elly and Connie feel bad because school lets out.

Panel 1: As Mike and his classmates are let out of school for Summer Vacation, a dejected, horrified, disgusted Elly tells Connie, who's propping up the school's wall, "Here comes summer." As expected, the prospect of being home with Mike and thus having her freedom of expression destroyed fills her with so much loathing, her eyes are bugged out in despair.

Summary: We get it, lady; you hate and fear children because they get in the way of being totally self-absorbed.
Hells Yes!

The KAN is stuck in a time warp again

Charlotte from Lynnfield, MA had this to say about everyone who's been criticizing Lynn:

I am very tired of all the criticism of Lynn. Try thinking up a funny idea. Then try drawing it. Every day. Then try doing that with a husband and little kids. Then try cleaning up the kitchen after you and everyone else has made a giant mess. Then open up the refrigerator and sort out what is going on in there. If you cannot compete, do not complain. Harumph and grumble!

I, of course, felt the need to set Charlotte straight:

Charlotte, I doubt anyone is saying what Lynn did for decades was easy. What I know many, many, many people *are* saying is that Lynn is years overdue for retirement because the strip's quality has taken a nosedive over the last several years. As both children were grown and had their own lives when the quality began to decline, it's irrelevant how busy a SAHM is.