June 20th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Given that it's Father's Day, we can look forward to John being made to look like a selfish dick if he isn't being a total chump. Either way, the sheep that tell Lynn she has a spycam in their living room will chortle away at the carnage.

It's a fairly benign outing; Elly isn't trying to be a jerk but she simply can't help but be stupid.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike and Lizzie waking a surprised John; Mike says "Happy Father's Day!!" and Lizzie "DADDY!"

Panel 2: As John staggers down the hallway, Mike yells "Let's make pancakes!". Lizzie seconds that motion by yelling "Yah!"

Panel 3: As John serves the pancakes he made, Elly points out that it's his day and asks him what he'd like to do.

Panel 4: She thinks that his plan to go down to the hardware store is a great idea.

Panel 5: That's because while he's going to the shopping district anyway, he might as well pick up the groceries and dry cleaning too. She could do that herself and help him out but she won't because that would make sense.

Panel 6: She also likes it that he wants to putter around in the workshop.

Panel 7: That's because the knives need sharpening and he needs to fix the stairs to the garage. My gut tells me that she purposely delayed mentioning that until Father's Day.

Panel 8: She responds to his desire for a steak dinner by telling him that she'll get the barbecue ready for him. This is because the idea that she'd cook the steak to be thoughtful is does not compute.

Panel 9: He wants to cap things off with a bath. That sounds like the perfect plan to her.

Panel 10: She reminds him, as she kisses him on the cheek, that it is his day.

Summary: Elly simply cannot conceive of a day that isn't filled with busywork; since she'll spend the day working on things, John has to as well. Other than that, it's a fairly pleasant-looking new-run.