June 18th, 2009

Calm Candiru

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sooner or later some poor fool with the initials "J. P." (who'll end up playing with trains after he turns 40) is going to be very foolhardy and tell Elly that she too has to learn what the commands they teach Farley are so she can get him to behave how she wants him to; that's because, as we all know, she'll twist the meaning of his helpful advice into a declaration that she too must take obedience lessons because the poor sap dentist with the glasses thinks that she's no better than a dog. Having successfully amplified and distorted a statement of fact into a vile calumny, she'll have fodder to treat her husband like dirt.

Right now, though, she's got to treat him like a nitwit.

Panel 1: We're at the Obedience School today; the instructor is telling John and some other pet owners the first tool in obedience training is praise.

Panel 2: Praise, you see, is of utmost importance; she cannot stress this enough.

Panel 3: After class, John asks Elly how she thought they did.

Panel 4: She pats him on the head like a five year old and says "You were wonderful, honey, just wonderful." Being thought of as a little boy being patronized by his Mommy unmans John.

Summary: I get the distinct impression she's doing this because he's being trained to do something she doesn't agree with: training Farley by supplying him with positive reinforcement instead of good, time-tested, Fooby hostility and screaming.