June 17th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Well, we're at the beginning of the "Training Farley" arc; I can't quite remember what happened but I'm fairly sure that the instructor at the Obedience School was a 'smug jerk' who made 'poor, ill-used' Elly feel inadequate. I also know that the Inmans will go for Lynn's okey-doke and agree that the man is a super-bad person for questioning Elly's nonexistent dedication to learning.

In today's strip, we learn that John is on drugs; he has to be because he's not making any sense.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly looking Farley in the face and cooing "Farley's going to school; Farley's such a big, big boy."

Panel 2: She continues to act normally by gushing "He's going to be Daddy's goooooood puppy; he's going to do everything Daddy says." I say this because she seems to believe that she doesn't need to attend the class and learn the commands they teach John; that wold make sense, be convenient and simplify her life.

Panel 3: Where things collapse into craziness is John's response; instead of asking Elly that it would be just as reassuring if she called him by name, he wishes that Farley would do so. Either he's nuts, someone erased the 's' in she or (most likely) howtheduck's assumption that he's invoking an impossibility to tell us that he knows that training Farley is doomed to failure is dead on.

Summary: As I said, Elly seems to think that she doesn't need to be involved in training Farley; this is because she doesn't know how Obedience School works. Her discovery that she must learn the commands the instructor imprints on Farley will, of course, be greeted with angry disbelief; how unfair it will seem that she has to be told how to treat Farley.