June 2nd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

It would seem to me that we're about to shift trajectories from Elly worrying about John stepping out on her to her having to deal with Lawrence's shy bladder. Whoopee.

Double whoopee; Lawrence and Mike speak like 62 year old women as they discuss his need to crap at his own house.

Panel 1: Mike tells Lawrence that he can't rush over to his place to use the john 'cause it's dark outside; Lawrence simpers that he's gotta go.

Panel 2: Mike says it's a sleep-over and reminds him he's used the Pattercommode before so he might as well use it again. Lawrence whines that he CANNNNNN'T.

Panel 3: He then explains in Lynnglish that he can pee in other toilets no problem but taking a dump some place else is right out.

Panel 4: As he prepares to cause a huge row because of his weird need not to defecate in strange loos, Mike asks Lawrence where he's going; Lawrence replies "Cover me; I'm going out."

Summary: I have no idea why Lawrence can't do his Number Twos in the Pattersons' toilet; all I know is that his need to use his own bathroom is going to create any amount of havoc. The only good thing is that it'll take Elly's mind off of worrying about jerk husbands and seven-foot-tall gigolos.