May 13th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Having successfully deflected the blame for being an idiot onto someone else, it's obvious that Elly will find a new way to screw up. Perhaps she'll tell Mike to step up and stop blaming things on Lizzie. Failing that, she'll try to "help" Connie by reminding her that she has to rush off to Montréal to make a fool of herselfstand up for her rights as a woman.

Perhaps later; we've got to watch Mike be emotional, sensitive and theatrical.

Panel 1: We start off in the middle of a round of verbal sparring he and Lawrence are having. He leads off with "You're a dummy!"; Lawrence shoots back with "You're a CREEP!!"

Panel 2: Mike's silhouette yells "You're a baby!" Lawrence's silhouette angry yells "You're stupid!" Mike answers that with "You're a pig" and Lawrence says back that Mike is a dope!!!

Panel 3: In an effort to not be outclassed, Mike yells "You're a stupid, stinkin', dummy-creepy-finkin' ugly, flat-footed, lumpy-headed, wart-covered NERD!!!"

Panel 4: So impressed is Lawrence by the quality of the rank-out, he forgets what they were fighting about and tells a flushed Mike "Gosh, Michael; that was great!!"

Summary: We've just been a witness to how Lynn believes children resolve their problems; those who know more than I do will be able to confirm my suspicion that she pulled this one out of her sigmoid colon.