May 11th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 12 May 2009: Sayonara Zetsubou Flapandhonk.....

It's sort of obvious that this week's plotline is Elly being filled with despair because she has to lie in the comfy bed she made for herself. It, of course, will end with John being a dick.

And I'm wrong. It's about Elly whining about Phil leading Connie onbeing polite.

Panel 1: As she puts the coffee cups in her cupboard, Anne tells Elly that Connie's just going through another rough patch and will turn around soon. Elly responds to this by saying "I hope."

Panel 2: We next see Lizzie trying to initiate standard docking procedure so that she might cling to Elly like a remora. As she does so, Elly delivers a wall of text about how Phil should stop answering the letters Connie sends; he's giving her hope when he has no intention of settling down. This is, of course, none of her business and wouldn't have happened if she'd left well enough alone.

Panel 3: Anne's silhouette reminds SilhouetteElly (who's zipping up Shadow Liz's jacket) of that fact by pointing out that this is between them and is none of their business. Elly repeats the last sentence.

Panel 4: As she and Liz, who's in standard docked position, leave the Nichols place, Anne asks to be told if Elly hears anything. An eyeless Elly gives her the thumbs-up.

Summary: Well, this sucks; we might just end up seeing Connie haring of to Montreal after all. All this because Anne and Elly can't quit harping on how lonely and pathetic Connie is, the bitches. To put it bluntly, this world of gossip and selfishness has left me in despair.