May 10th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 11 May 2009

It would seem obvious that we're about to be subjected to more of Elly's wonderful 'help' as she interferes in Connie's love life. As we all know, it's help like Elly's that made Connie move to Thunder Bay a few years later; without Flapandhonk around to mess things up, she actually landed a man she could dominate. Then again, Lynn has defied efforts to pigeonhole her before so if spotts1701 would point us in the right direction, we'd know which way to panic.

I'm close; we're in for an extended arc about how Elly feels unfulfilled being a SAHM.

Panel 1: As Annie places a sleeping Christichard in his unsafe-looking crib, she reminds Elly that she's known Connie a long time. Elly says she's known her since they were in University.

Panel 2: Elly was going to teach English and Connie was studying radiology. Her pal went off to South America while Elly herself waylaid some nerdy goof who'd give her whatever she whined for no questions askedgot married.

Panel 3: She can't understand why Connie, who has a paycheckcareer, thinks her life is perfect because she has a husband to cower behind when judgmental dimwits like Annie go poking their noses in where they don't belong. Sure, John thinks she's a child but he'll learn someday.

Panel 4: Dimwit Annie's response to this is to deliver a wall of text about how motherhood is all the career Elly needs. She also sets up the weak pun by reminding her friend that she gets to pour all her knowledge, skills and experiences into her children.

Panel 5: Elly thought-bubbles that that may be why she sometimes feels so empty.

Summary: I'd sympathize with her but I know better; she's just not capable of being happy with what she has. We can look forward to a week of her lamenting the choices we made capped off with John making a stoopid crack about her being as liberated as she wants just so long as she stays hooooooooooome. All this so she can set up a false dichotomy between motherhood and a career.