April 25th, 2009

Cynical Candiru

Sunday, 26 April 2009

I hope that today's strip didn't run last June either; that would really suck.

ETA: It's not a re-repeat (just a regular re-tread) but it's still pretty irritating; that's because we have Elly freaking out because she made things too hard on herself. What's more, she gets to pout about how 'mean', 'cruel' and 'selfish' her family (who are busily minding their own business doing perfectly innocent things while Mommy has a meltdown) are because they can't help her do things the stupid, inefficient way.

Panel 1: We start off with a smiling Elly taping up the sides of a package she's going to mail.

Panel 2: She then unrolls a length of twine. The purpose of this escapes me; I doubt the person she's sending this package to is going to save the paper it's wrapped in so she might as well use more packing tape.

Panel 3: She ties the twine in a knot.

Panel 4: There's a problem, however; she needs another set of hands to tighten it properly.

Panel 5: She turns around and heads out to look for another set of hands.

Panel 6: She can't use John's hands; that's because he's painting one of the walls.

Panel 7: Michael's not much help either; his hands are smeared with Kiddy Goop. (It would seem that Elly can tell us how to make Play Dough but won't do so herself.)

Panel 8: Not even Lizzie can help Mommy: her hands (and face) are covered in pabulum.

Panel 9: A flustered Elly yells "Doesn't anyone in this family have a clean finger?"

Summary: If I were present, I'd want to remind her that there was an easier way to do things and mention that she should have asked for help earlier but would keep silent because she doesn't want to do things the easy way; she wants to fumble and gripe so she can nail herself to her cross.