April 24th, 2009

Angry Candiru

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Rod hasn't been bashed this week yet so it seems to me that we're about due; I'd like to think that we'd get a face full of "What DO you do all day?" but we could just as easily get "I want Mommy to discipline me because she's weaker." That's because it 'reminds' us that John has undermined Elly to the extent that she can't even control her own kids.

And it's yet another bloody repeated repeat!! That means I can annotate the summary I wrote back then.

Panel 1: We join the Pattersons a few hours after yesterday's mess. Elly is telling John that maybe it would be all right if Mike had something to eat after all. What she should be saying is that she wishes she hadn't flown off the handle like an idiot.

Panel 2: John tells her something both cold-hearted and obvious: if she sent him to bed without dinner, she has to not give him dinner. Notice he doesn't question not giving him dinner. That's because he doesn't have to deal with the long-term consequences of this; he can read his paper and not have to be part of the solution, the lazy fucking moron.

Panel 3: If she caves now, he says, he'll learn he can walk all over her. Besides, he can go one night without eating. Notice he doesn't realize that this will make Mike think that his parents don't give a rat's ass about him. This is because John is a jackass animated by the need to push his children around. This is also because he's too stupid to see that Mike can't actually go a night without eating because he's a growing boy, you train loving fuckwad!!!!

Panel 4: All that tainted common sense appears to have sailed right over her head because she whines that she couldn't live with herself if he did. If she'd realize that she could live with herself a damned sight better by calming the fuck down and not getting herself into fixes like this, she'd be a better parent and human being.

Summary: Sadly, this rehashed retread meets Lynn's needs; Elly is a martyr and John is a sadistic bastard who wants his son to suffer because he's too mean and stupid to care.