April 18th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Let's see what horror greets us the fine Sunday morning; it's sort of clear that it'll probably be a new-run and thus have Elly not deal constructively with minor adversities.

ETA: I'm reasonably glad to be wrong; it's a reprint with a moral lesson that proves its validity by being lost on its target audience. Elly does her best to be a responsible parent here but the way she went about it kind of backfires; instead of looking wise, she just looks like a killjoy to the people she wants to reach. Strangely enough, though, that works. Their whining proves her point.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike, who's carrying a pointed stick, and Lawrence, who's rolling up his sleeves, getting ready to fight three other little boys. Mike tells them "We're going to get you guys."

Panel 2: Lawrence tells Mike, who's kinda scary looking in his rage, that his mom is coming to break up the fun violence.

Panel 3: Elly, who kinda already knows the answer anyway, asks him what they're doing with those sticks.

Panel 4: A furious Mike explains that "Those guys are calling us names an' we're havin' a war! WE'RE GONNA KILL THEM!!!" (Lynn will have us blame John/Rod for this, I should think; if he weren't a man, he'd have taught Mike that violence is bad. Since, however, he has a Y chromosome, he instead taught him to cream anyone in his way.)

Panel 5: Elly proves this is a reprint by patiently explaining that they could hurt themselves; fighting isn't going to solve things so if they can't get along they should avoid one another. This is pretty much spot on; violence is only rarely the solution to a problem. If they don't like each other, they should actually avoid each other.

Panel 6: She then gets mildly condescending and explains that she will now take the weapons. She also gets mildly stupid because she doesn't realize that they could just find more sticks or, failing that, punch each other out.

Panel 7: The unhappy combatants frown because Mike's mom spoiled all the fun mayhem they were going to have. Nothing like a common enemy to create a bond, right?

Panel 8: We next see them sitting under a tree. Mike is glad that the world isn't ruled by moms. One of the three boys whose eyes he was about to poke out states that if that happened, there'd be a zillion soldiers with nothing to do.

Summary: Since they don't see that that would be a good thing, their youthful ignorance proves the point Lynn is trying to make. This just goes to show you what Lynn can do when she cares about something. It also goes to show you that Lynn isn't paying attention to history; women can be just as bloodthirsty as men can.