April 17th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Now that we're at the end of the week, I expect two things to appear:

1) A continuation of Elly's failed attempt to beautify Connie


2) The strip that has John whine that Elly won't jump through hoops for him.

Either way, the week will end on an appalling note.

It's appalling note number two. Rod must be bashed, after all.

Panel 1: We're at the kitchen table as Elly asks John, who's drinking coffee out of a cup with handles, if he knew that Connie still colors her hair because of Pete.

Panel 2: She then testily observes that he wouldn't have stayed even if she'd had the cosmetic surgery that didn't prevent her from looking like Grandpa Jim anyway.

Panel 3: She next fumes that Connie, of her own free stupid will, became an artsy, athletic blonde*, kitchen genius and model wife. Not, of course, that it's her fault that she did so. It's because despite that fact that women must have husbands, they cannot be happy or be treated with respect; they must instead be victims forever and always.
*(In the original version, her red hair came out of a bottle but the dialogue had to be changed because Lynn noticed she's got Connie as a blonde.)

Panel 4: John reminds us that everything is someone else's fault by wondering what Pete had that he didn't. Judging from what I can see, enough sense to get away from a crazy woman.

Summary: We have learned the following: women must have husbands to be complete but they cannot be happy or be treated with dignity; that way lies not being martyred. Also, Rod is evil incarnate because he has free will.

Link to review of Farley book

Hello, everyone--recently-joined member here de-lurking to post the following link to a review of 'Farley Follows His Nose':


The reviewer is a long-time admirer of "For Better or For Worse", and so, not surprisingly, "Highly Recommended" the book and gave it four out of four stars.  I was particularly annoyed at how he praised Lynn Johnston and Beth Cruikshank's "Clever[ness]" in underlining the sensitivity of dogs' noses, while ignoring the way they gloss over the effect of a junk food binge on a dog's digestive system.

On a different note, I'm delighted to have discovered this community--FOOB has long  been a bugbear of mine, but up until very recently I was under the impression that  the strip was almost universally beloved.

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