April 16th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 17 April 2009

Yesterday's mildly-retconned reprint tells me that today or tomorrow will feature the strip that has Elly explain to JFTF that Connie turned herself into a human pretzel so as to keep Pete's interest. John will then muse that he wish he had that sort of power over Elly. That's 'cause in Lynn's world, a woman has gotta HAVE a mayyyyunnnn; nobody said he has to treat her with respect.

It'll be tomorrow, I guess; right now, Lynn has to remind us that children are an intolerable nuisance.

Panel 1: We start off with Mike asking Elly if he can make sandwiches for himself and Lawrence; Elly, who's mixing up a beauty mask for Connie, yells him to wait until she's finished.

Panel 2: Instead of asking Elly why sound effects are floating in the air, he says that they're hungry now. She says that she'll only be a few minutes; this is because she's forgotten that children perceive time differently than she does. To Mike, a few minutes might as well be forever.

Panel 3: As she gets ready to apply the mask, he asks if he and Lawrence can watch whatever she's doing. Her reaction to this request is to play freeze-tag, close her eyes and frown in disgust.

Panel 4: We next see Mike and Lawrence laughing hysterically at Connie because her face is covered in the green goo Elly is slathering on it.

Panel 5: Her reaction is to furiously command them to make themselves a sandwich.

Summary: This is because they've, without intending to or being inspired by any sort of malice, struck a nerve; she experiences their laughing at how ridiculous she looks as a cruel slam at her expense. I should think that she bitterly regrets having the small brown person around as he 'keeps' her from living life the way she wants to.