April 13th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, the week of 13 April 2009

We should expect to see requests for more dirt on Pete Landry, letters that complain about Sunday's strip and letters that complain about people who complain about things.

ETA: It should be noted that Lynn updated Tuesday's CT at 7:30 AM EDT so as to preclude a list of angry commentary about that day's amazingly hateful strip. As Worf would say, she lacks courage and honor.
Angry Candiru

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Judging from what I saw yesterday, I should probably reconsider my earlier belief that the Ted/Connie debacle is to be retconned completely out of existence; what we can expect is that it will be made even more painful to behold than the original. No wonder the Syndicate has no plans to have collections made of the new-runs; they're doing us a solid.

Perhaps she'll pester Elly about Ted later; right now, a glum Connie tells a disbelieving Elly how great she has it.

Panel 1: We start off with Lynn 'answering' the critics who jump up and down on her for how shabbily the Foobs treat Farley by having Elly feed him. As she does so, Connie reminds her yet again how much she envies her; Elly tells her to stop with that.

Panel 2: After all, Connie has a career; she had to give hers up and has, so she believes, nothing to show for her years at University.

Panel 3: She goes on to say that Connie is an X-ray technician with a B.Sc and asks what letters are added to her name. (If Lynn had bothered to read the Liography, Elly would have simpered that Connie was a pediatric nurse with a R.N. attached to her name and then gone on to ask the same defiant question.)

Panel 4: Connie's answer: "M. R. S.". Her revelation that she'd trade all those positives in her life for the 'stability' and 'status' that a 'good' (that is to say 'living') husband brings confuses Elly and enrages me. This is because I remember all that crap that she allows (allowed? will allow?) to happen because of that belief. If she weren't a sucka, she'd have stood up for Lawrence when Greg outed himself as a homophobecraven idiot pathetically eager to toss Lawrence out at what he thought was his wife's behest.

Summary: Elly is baffled by the amazingly retrograde thing Connie said 'cause she can't or won't see that she does have something to show for her time; she has a husband who'll put up with her nonsense, children to mold into whatever Lovecraftian shape she desires, a house to clean in a wastefully inefficient way and people she can feel superior to. As for Connie, the need to have a MAYUN at all costs indicates a deep self-loathing that made her do any number of despicable things. Just like getting a job outside the home didn't solve Elly's problems, her eventual marriage to spineless git Greg didn't make her any happier; both women are transfixed by the delusion that they can escape from themselves.