April 12th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 13 April 2009

I'd like to think that we'd have a new topic this week but shoebox2 is probably right to assume we'll have to endure walls of text and flashbacks about Connie's failed marriage to Pete Landry. All I can say is "I'm ready for you, Lynn Johnston! BRING!!"

Perhaps later in the week; right now, Connie has to remind a disbelieving Elly how bland life at Casa Poirier is.

Panel 1: The establishing shot shows us that it's a rainy day. It's thus the perfect backdrop for Connie's statement that she wouldn't dwell on the past so much if she had any excitement in her life.

Panel 2: Since Elly lives vicariously through her neighbor and entertains herself with the implausible belief that she lives an NC-17 life, she says that Connie leads a more exciting life than she does; she, after all, works at the hospital and stuff happens at the hospital all the time.

Panel 3: Continuing with her line of argument, Elly says that hospitals are loaded with handsome men that Connie must check out.

Panel 4: Connie's remark that the only time she checks out handsome men in a hospital setting is when she watches medical procedurals on TV falls on deaf ears. This is, of course, because Elly does not want to believe that Connie leads a less exciting life than she does.

Summary: I could go on and on about how crappy Connie's existence is and how glamorous and erroneous Elly's fantasies related to said panorama of bleakness are but I won't; that's because I know that you can read between the lines and see that Elly isn't grateful for what she has and automatically assumes that everyone is better off than she is.

ETA: AS could have been expected, the new banner focuses on the secular (CHOMP! CHEW! SMACK! EAT!) aspects of Easter.