April 10th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 11 April 2009

It should be obvious that we'd probably wrap up the week by having John say something insensitive about how Elly isn't doing enough housework. We, of course, we be invited to pity Elly because her meanie-pants husband allegedly begrudges her her hour of mindless box-watching; she, you see, is meant to work and work and work. The sad fact that Elly doesn't know how to budget her time like a normal human being is immaterial; John is a bad guy and there's an end of it.

Wrong again; today, Lynn hits us with a non-sequitur posing as wisdom.

Panel 1: We're at the Pattermanse and Elly has invited Connie over for the inevitable cuppa coffee. Connie sighs and reminds us that Pete "Keep'em in the Kitchen" Landry was the biggest mistake she ever made. Elly points out that she was crazy about him.

Panel 2: Connie's response is that she was just crazy. Elly muses that he seemed like a great guy and that it all looked so right in the beginning. This, of course, is the same woman who would later push her daughter into the arms of another Great Guy called Awfulny so her judgment in these matters should not be trusted.

Panel 3: Connie points out that she'd married the man despite only knowing him for six months. Elly tells her to give herself a break....

Panel 4: ...and proves that she isn't listening to what Connie's saying by telling her that some people, she wouldn't get to know in a lifetime. This, of course, is a cheap shot at her second ex. It seems to me that she's whining that she didn't know who he was so it's not her fault that the marriage collapsed AND patting herself on the back for not having the energy to find out something blindingly obvious. IMHO, what you see of Rod is what you get so pleading ignorance is kinda stoopid.

Summary: We know that Connie wants Elly to agree that her marrying a deeply-flawed human being for a silly reason was a folly that should have been avoided. Too bad that Elly has an IOU where her empathy should be; all she knows is that she thought things were great and won't understand why her initial judgment of a liar was wrong. She has to marry Lizzie off to a slimy little fink one day and has to blind herself to the obvious, you see.