April 8th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 9 April 2009

If things run true to form, we should either see Connie try to convince Elly that she's a willing participant in her own enslavement, Elly ignoring her children so she can watch her stories or John being a douche. The very interesting question of the relevance of soap opera addiction in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Oprah and Dr Phil will, of course, be left unaddressed.

[Kindly forgive the lateness of this update; my ISP's main server went kablooie this morning and it's just now up and running.]

Panel 1: We start off with Mike trying to get Elly's attention only to be told to be quiet because her soap is on.

Panel 2: He says "Mom" louder only to be told to come back later; the scene she's watching is crucial.

Panel 3: Sadly, his message is more important that the romantic misadventures of Doctor Jeff and Nurse Nancy; it seems that Lizzy had just flushed John's socks down the kibo.

Panel 4: Elly, still glued to the tube, tells a confused Mike that she'll be angry during the next commercial break. To paraphrase Rusty Venture, "Way to be useless, Elly!" You've just guaranteed that you'll pay a plumber hundreds of bucks and endangered your kids because of your pathetic box-watching.

Summary: The worst part of this is that after Sudden Illness gets over, she berates Mike and Liz for wasting their lives in front of the tube. It's only wrong when THEY do it, I guess.