April 6th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

We're probably in for another week of Lynn trying to make RodJohn look like a posturing fool who Elly is too good for; the gents in this community should thus probably wear a cup or something. This is because her knee to her husband's groin is so forceful, it will leap right off the monitor and into your secret spots. Also, she will end up whining because John refuses a vasectomy and thus will burden her with an evil, selfish, demanding third child when she's supposed to be racing around wearing a red hat and making a fool of herself in a herd.

Perhaps later; right now, Elly can't cope without her soap.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly pushing Lizzie in a stroller; she thinks to herself "This is it; for the first time in two years, I'm willingly going to miss it".

Panel 2: She looks at her watch and tells herself that, in two minutes and thirty seconds, "Sudden Illness" comes on.

Panel 3: She then notices that it's thirty seconds to go and she gives up.

Panel 4: As she rushes home with a freaked-out grimace, she thought-bubbles that no mere mortal Foob can stand the agonies of soap opera withdrawal. It should be noted that her need to watch her soap has caused her to subject Lizzie to high G-forces.

Summary: This, at least, explains how Elly usually spent thirty of her minutes. If she were to use the sponsors' products more efficiently, she'd have a happier life. She'd also be happier if she weren't a walking, talking stereotype.

ETA: Now that it's Holy Week, Lynn has decided to use Butterscotch to remind us of the secular (CHOMPCHEWGLUTSHLORRP) aspects of Easter in her latest banner. Odd; we have April's rabbit showing up but are given no reminder of her owner.
Snarky Candiru2

The recipe for 6 April 2009

Let's see if Lynn puts up a recipe today and how patronizing she can get. Fairly patronizing, I should say; that's because she makes a pompous boob of herself posting a finger-paint recipe that's more expensive and messy than something you can buy at Wal-Mart or a 99 cent store. In an ironic twist, Kool-Aid is mentioned as a key ingredient.
Snarky Candiru2

Coffee Talk, the week of 7 April 2009

I should think that Saturday and Sunday's strips should get a heck of a response from the crowd so we should probably batten down the hatches. Not only will we have people lining up to call John sensitive, they'll also either empathize with Elly's struggles with Whiffex or want to kill her for booting Farley outside.

Writing to Phyllis Diller =/= a good idea

howtheduck has mentioned, here and elsewhere, Phyllis Diller having listed for auction a letter from LJ. My initial search led me to a two-page fax in which Lynn suggested a get-together when she and Rod were going to have a stop-over in L.A. on their way to Mexico (John-an'-Ellyesque annual trip). But I remembered his having said that she'd told Diller in the letter about having lost her enthusiasm for cartooning when Schultz died, so I searched some more and found a second letter. This is a long, rambly one that she wrote while in an airplane (on the way back from the following year's--2003--Mexico vacation). Warning: it's very looooong. But it has some fascinating stuff in it:

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And that's why writing to Phyllis Diller is a terrible idea!
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