March 29th, 2009


Monday, 30 March 2009

As we start a brand-new week, it seems to me that Lynn might gloss over how Elly's trip went so she can get down to business and give Rod the business by proxy. This will be accomplished by wild accusations being made about what he did or didn't do when he went out for the evening to loathe Ted.

Maybe later; today, we have that rarity in the new-run era: a positive, up-beat strip that shows the Patterson as a happy family who like each other. It's a reprint, of course.

Panel 1: We start out with John and Elly hugging and kissing because, despite what we see in the new-runs, they actually do care for one another.

Panel 2: John is suddenly surprised by some external stimulus.

Panel 3: He and Elly look down because whatever's happening is happening at waist-level or below.

Panel 4: We pan out to see what happened: the kids want to share in the affection. As we see Mike hugging Elly and Lizzie, John, he smiles and says "So much for never letting the kids come between us."

Summary: I hope this means that Lynn has finally started to run out of nasty, negative, grouchy reprints to publish; we could use a break from seeing despair in a spilled coffee cup.