March 27th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 28 March 2009

As you know, Lynn likes to have a nice little payoff to arcs like this; I should think that it would somehow involve John being a passive-aggressive tool imploring Elly to never leave him with the kids again.

Whooooooooops. It's that reprint I mentioned that had John leave a mountain of housework for Elly to do.

Panel 1: We're at John's office. As he checks out a patient's X-ray, Jean, who has the Narrowed Eyes of Sarcasm, alludes as to how he survived being a househusband.

Panel 2: As he looks through his files, she asks if he's going to rave on about the floors, the laundry, the dishes and the mess.

Panel 3: He says, as his patient waits for him to get started, that that stuff never bothered him.

Panel 4: You see, he left it all for Elly to clean up.

Summary: Not only does that contradict yesterday's statement about his having things under control and make John look like a sexist piece of shite, it also makes no sense in terms of the new interpretation of events. I can see him letting the housework slide over the weekend that Elly originally spent if he and the kids went out a lot; to do no housework whatsoever over the course of the week she spent in Retconland makes him look like a negligent fool that Elly should never have bothered with.
Hells Yes!

I know where Liz got her gown from

Last week, I started working at The Costumer, a costume place locally that ships duds and accessories to schools nationwide, not to mention occasionally does work for professional theatre and has outfitted Kiss at one point. I'm in the back, breaking down costumes after they're shipped back and unpacked, making sure the stuff that needs washing/cleaning gets it. It's not going to last long, just until show season is over in a week or two, but if they need an extra pair of hands again in the future, they'll ring me up and maybe they'll ask me to stay permanent at some point, but I digress.

The Costumer also rents to John and Jane Q. Public and there's formal wear and wedding gowns in stock. Why buy when you can rent? Use it for however long, send it back, no need to worry about cleaning. You might even be able to find something that looks like the yellowed, mildew-infested thing you found under the house, only in better condition (and the real thing disintegrated when you stupidly sent it to the cleaners, so you need to cover your butt). With all those excellent reasons to rent, who'd buy? *g*

Unfortunately for Liz, she didn't pay attention to the part of the contract that states you cannot make permanent changes to the garment(s) you rent. Schools can only use hand sewing or pins (they do minor stuff b/c we have each actor's measurements so we handle the bigger things before shipping). I'm sure the public's also banned from machine alterations, but that's neither here nor there since everyone is banned from turning a sleeved dress into a strapless. I have no idea what she was thinking, having Dee do that to a rented dress, but when she gets the bill for the dress, I have no doubt what she has to cough up will erase any savings renting gave her over buying, if not exceed the store prices. Guess she forgot only Millborough thinks Pattersons crap gold and can walk on water. *snickersnerksnicker*