March 25th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Now that John has dropped Ted home, I expect that we're in for one of two unpleasant things:

1) John and Ted's mother agreeing how he's wasting his life.


2) John sitting in his living room musing about how awful it is for Ted not to have gotten hitched during his residency like he was supposed to.

Either way, we're in for some heavy-handed moralizing this week.

Panel 1: As John bids a staggeringly drunk Ted good night, the designated degenerate climbs up the stairs and tells our hero "Au revoir, my dear friend...go home and toddle off to your family." Since he's supposed to be a creep, his slurred tones are probably loaded with the pity and contempt that John feels for him.

Panel 2: As he drives home in his hovercar, John thought-bubbles a mighty wall of text about how he had a guy's night out. He had a beer, talked to some waitress for all of fifteen seconds, played some pool and laughed at Ted's expense behind his back; now, all that is over.

Panel 3: As he pays a grateful sitter, he muses that he has to face the cold reality of being a family man with kids and a mortgage.

Panel 4: Since Lynn can't be bothered to show him go into both his kid's rooms to give them a perfunctory display of affection, she drew them in the same bed; that means that after the kiss on the cheek he gave Mike, he can do the same to Lizzie without having to move very far.

Panel 5: As he settles into his empty bed and heaves a contented sigh about being where he belongs (possibly after having masturbated and thus having had more sex than he's had all year), it should be noted that he's absolutely full of shit; he didn't need to hire a sitter just to remind himself how little he thinks of Ted. He can do that while playing with his kids.

Summary: By doing so, though, he wouldn't serve Lynn's purpose for him. As trumanf suggested, he's being made into a hero so she can avoid being sued for defamation of character. It would have been better if he'd turned Ted down flat but he had to be seen to Avoid a Temptation that never tempted him anyway.