March 19th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 20 March 2009

I'm not sure if today's strip will feature Elly's return or not; what I am sure of is that she'll be depicted as looking forward to getting home only to be reminded why she left. Bearing witness to John's ineptitude and whining demands that she not leave him in the lurch again will, of course, result in her forming the great-granddaddy of all Triangles of Horror. That's because I know what the premise of this arc is: Elly has to give on her dreams of a career because John is even more inept and negligent as a parent than she is.

That'll be tomorrow's strip; right now, Ted's got to pressure John into trying to cheat on Elly again.

Panel 1: We see the two of them at the elevator in their building. Ted reminds him of the conversation they had a few weeks ago about going out to the pub and saying that it would be good to get out at least one evening.

Panel 2: He reminds him that Elly's out of town; that means they could go to a bar, watch a game, shoot some pool and end the evening with casual (gay) sexsee what's happening.

Panel 3: Forcing himself to ignore the fact his sidekick wants him to cheat on Elly, John says that he'd have to get a sitter. Ted says that that's no problem; he should get a sitter because a guy like him needs to tomcat around on his wife (with his best friend)his freedom.

Panel 4: John huffily responds that he is NOT a bird in a cage. Ted expresses his disbelief.

Panel 5: John's had his wings clipped so long, he's forgotten how to fly.

Summary: Ted might be spot on about how Elly has John's nads in the freezer next to those Cheapie Weenie Casseroles he won't reheat but he shouldn't actually say that nor should he exhort John to do something he's unwilling to do. All that would mean is that John would have a different idiot leading him around by the nose. (And, given the Ho Yay oozing off the page, a different jerk giving him the iceberg treatment in bed.)