March 17th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Now that Lynn's 'established' that John is stoooooopid and Mike pointlessly defiant, we can reassure ourselves with the knowledge that she'll 'prove' JSFF won't be able to cope with Lizzie's fears of abandonment.

Hmmmm...... It's not Lizzie who's missing Elly today; it's John himself.

Panel 1: It's nighttime and he's thought-bubbling about how big the bed feels without Elly in it.

Panel 2: He was okay with her not being there for the first few nights but he's feeling really lonely now.

Panel 3: He then hugs her pillow.....

Panel 4: ....and thought-bubbles that he'll be macho in the morning.

Summary: This is fairly sweet on it own; it's nice to see that John does actually miss Elly and would be hit hard if she were no longer part of his life. I just wish I didn't think this is where the "I want my house to be a home" philosophy came from; simply put, Elly's made herself so indispensable, John feels that she can't work outside the home despite his wish that she could.