March 8th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 9 March 2009

Oddly enough, we already sort of know what this week's plot will be: a retelling of Elly's solo trip to Vancouver. We're going to see why it is that Mike spent the first few years of the strip letting his fear of abandonment get in the way of Elly's alleged career goals.

Panel 1: It's the end of another day at the office. Jean tells John that she heard Elly's leaving town for a few days. John confirms that she's packed and ready to go.

Panel 2: It's been a while she saw her parents so John suggested that she go see them and take a few days away from the house.

Panel 3: John then says that he'll try his hand at solo parenting and look after the kids on his own. He thinks it'll be easy enough but he's in for a week of Mike telling him that he's not doing the housework the insanely labor-intensive and witlessly inefficient way Elly does it and when is she coming hoooome and whyyyyy did she abandon him is he that baaaaaaad a kid so Jean's telling him he's a nice guy is a misuse of the language. "Foolhardy jackass" would be more life it.

Panel 4: His smugly pointing out that Ted thinks that he's a saint for doing this is either inspired by his desire to impress his 'friend' or take another potshot at him.

Summary: We could safely call this week's storyline "Dead Trainman Walking"; this is because John will be so horrified by his children's insane neediness and selfishness that he refuses to inflict them on daycare workers; if Elly has to delay her career goals until these idiots are old enough to be out of the house, she'll have to take one for the team and wait a while.

ETA: The Friendships are Forever banner is back up.