March 5th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 6 March 2009

Let's see. So far, we've established that everyone (including John) looks down on loser Ted and that JSFF hates being an incompetent dentist; this tells me that he'll thought-bubble about how glad he is that he has a nice tidy home to go to only to have Elly screaming about the latest imaginary crisis which she will describe Saturday.

Perhaps Elly's whining will happen Monday; right now, we have to watch John be a hypocrite.

Panel 1: We start off with an exterior shot of the medical complex in which John's office is located. An unseen voice asks him if he had lunch with Loser Ted; John says that he had the soup.

Panel 2: As he works on an anesthetized Mrs S, he says that while Ted is essentially a nice guy, his out-of-date attitude where women are concerned irritates him. This means that either John is

a) unwilling to admit that he too lives in the past

b) has somehow convinced himself that while he's up to date, his circumstances prevent him from acting on his beliefs


c) that he's been retconned into being more progressive than he originally was.

Panel 3: In any event, his hygienist says that she knows this; she went on a date with him once...

Panel 4: ...but got out of it. This tells me that John needs to get the tank looked at; since they're both talking gibberish and hearing music coming out of their patient's nostrils, it looks like he might be dealing with a nitrous oxide leak.

Summary: It seems to me that John will be even more active in trying to put the brakes on Ted and Connie's relationship than he was originally; instead of trying to hint that it's a bad thing for her to do, he'll just tell her that Ted is a playah who lives off his Mommy and thus must be avoided.