March 4th, 2009

Indignant Candiru

Thursday, 5 March 2009

If I recall correctly, most of John's encounters with Ted left him feeling glad that he'd found a good woman like Elly; his sidekick also came in handy when she got upset with him. That's because he could trot the guy out and show her that he himself wasn't the worst man she could have dated. In that spirit, I expect to see a strip that has John think how lucky he is only to have Elly complaining about how awful it is to be a SAHM.

Maybe later; right now, John's gotta complain about his job.

Panel 1: We see him back at the office. As he puts his coat away, he thanks Jean after she tells him that Mrs Snodwigg came in with a dental emergency.

Panel 2: He asks Mrs S, who's a typical misshapen Milboroughite, what the problem seems to be. In an approximation of real English, she tells him that she lost a filling and her partial plate is giving her trouble.

Panel 3: As he gets to work, he muses that certain patients like to give you a lengthy description of their problems and it's difficult to interrupt without seeming rude as if knowing exactly what's wrong is a bad thing.

Panel 4: The solution Lynn his him propound is to wait for an opening.

Summary: It's sort of clear from this that Lynn never really understood what Rod did for a living. She never seemed to get the technical terms right and couldn't quite understand how Rod stood there all day having to listen to other people. Listening to other people is, of course, something Lynn sees as an exercise in futility; either they agree with her and thus bore her by telling her something she already knows or they don't and waste her time telling things that can never, ever be right.