March 3rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It looks to me as if Lynn might actually be trying to retcon the Ted and Connie relationship away too. This is because, as jjamele noted, that he's doing the Foob thing and only dating people his mommy approved of; not that he's getting credit for it, though. Since Mrs McAuley kept him from living the same bland half-existence they do by looking at the local action and saying that he could do better, she's evil and he's stupid. If she were good, she'd shove a desperate freak like Connie into his arms and thus have time to herself.

Fat chance of that, though. As babsbybend said, her son insists on freeloading off her.

Panel 1: He starts off by telling John that he could easily live on his on but, hey, Mommy does the cooking, cleaning and laundry, why bother?

Panel 2: He could even get married but after the romance cools, all that's left is cooking, cleaning and laundry and he already has that done. It should be noted that he's described the Pattersonian Ideal of Marriage and found it wanting so is therefore beyond the pale.

Panel 3: He likes being free and as long as he's young, handsome and single, he's gonna play the field.

Panel 4: He wraps up the Crazy Person Speech by reminding John of his "love's a game" foolosophy. He then asks the lady at the cash register to "keep the change, sweetheart."

Panel 5: She thought-bubbles the moral by mentally pigeon-holing Ted as the loser Lynn says he is.

Summary: Since this smarmy, delusional idiot has no real idea of how to please a woman, he'll pathetically bounce from disaster to disaster while holding on to the apron-strings of the only woman that has any patience for him. Wanna bet that she made all her "She was no good for you anyway" speeches with her fingers crossed because she wanted to spare his feelings? She might have wanted to clout him over the head but he's just so damned pathetic, it'd have been like setting kittens on fire.