March 1st, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 2 March 2009

As you may or may not know, Lynn is about to rerun the sequence that had John suggest that Elly take some time off with the understanding that he could take care of the house no problem. This week is thus dedicated to showing Elly at quarter-wit's end. (She's not smart enough to be a half wit, you see.)

Maybe towards the end, it will be; now, we've got to show that Ted is all talk.

Panel 1: We start off with John and Ted at lunch. John says that he was so busy that morning, he didn't think he'd have time to eat; Ted tells him that the soup of the day is chowder.

Panel 2: John then says that he needs a break from the dull routine his life has become; life is simply too short to be a work-a-day drone. Ted days that he needs 'guy' time.

Panel 3: It would do John a world of good to get out more, have some laughs and let loose a little. (This, or course, is intended as an insinuation that being domesticated is John's problem. If he didn't have the little woman draining his vital fluids, he'd be a happier guy.) John then asks if the two of them should go out to the pub Friday. Ted shoots that notion down.

Panel 4: It turns out that he'd promised his mother he' stay home that night.

Summary: We've just been given our first real clue about who new-run Ted is; he's loaded with unsolicited advice about how John should 'take charge' and 'lay down the law' to the 'little woman' (as if his pal already didn't think along those lines) and how he's going to play the field only to be revealed as a hypocrite, pathetically dependent on his mother to take care of him.

ETA: The banner for March celebrates Womens' History Month by showing us three hindrances to the cause: Elly, Annie and Connie.