February 28th, 2009

Calm Candiru

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Well, here we are at the beginning of a brand-new month. Let's see what kind of mess Lynn makes us deal with.

ETA: We're dealing with Elly-of-Koi forming the Furrowed Brow of Indignation (complete with Black Cloud of Hostility) because she can't deal with the predictable-to-anyone-who-isn't-her results of her lack of foresight. To be specific, her failure or refusal to lock the bathroom door when she knows that she has two active, curious kids in the house.

Panel 1: We see her in the tub after a hard day's pointless busywork sighing a contented sigh.

Panel 2: Her reverie is broken by Mike asking her if she can come in because he left a toy in the room. She could have locked the door or told him "Wait until Mommy's done" but she didn't.

Panel 3: What she does do is glare at him as he describes his neat toy sailboat because of her delusion that this child is supposed to know not to disturb her despite her never, ever telling him about personal boundaries. There is one advantage to his leaving it there: he's nowhere near that freaking ravine that floods this time of year.

Panel 4: To Elly's horror, Mike points out that Elizabeth has arrived.

Panel 5: Mike plays with the foam left by the bubble bath causing Elly to moan 'Leave me alone'. As I've said before, this comes too damned late. If she'd wanted to not be disturbed, she'd have locked the door and told him to wait.

Panel 6: Lizzie's mental age has suffered a temporary spurt towards horrible, horrible maturity as she petulantly whines that "Nizzie wan'in'nere."

Panel 7: As she cleverly leaves a child of indeterminate age in the capable hands of a dimwitted preschooler, she storms off with her face fixed in her trademark Scowl of Hostility.

Panel 8: We next see her in the living room wearing a robe; John, who's reading a newspaper instead of keeping the kids out of the way, says "I thought you were going to relax in the bath."

Summary: John is about to be told that she can't relax with two demonic children who don't play fair and obey rules they don't know exist. When John points out that she might have saved herself a lot of trouble by locking the door and explaining to them that Mommy is not to be disturbed, she'll get angry at him for no reason too. The children, you see, are supposed to know what Elly wants; in her eyes, their real ignorance is actually a sham. Now we know why she was giving him the iceberg treatment last week; he made the mistake of telling a lie and saying that she was responsible for her own misery.