February 26th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 27 February 2009

It's sort of clear that we've transitioned from John being an ass about how Elly looks to his being no help around the house. This, of course, sets up that new-run from 12 March 2009 that Lynn had up for an hour or so about his not being able to cope around the house while Elly was gone.

ETA: Since yesterday's strip was the first of the three debjyn warned us about at the start of the month, it would seem that Lynn will end February by shilling the kids' book.

Panel 1: We start with Elly of Koi making the Triangle of Horror because she knocked Farley's food dish over and is playing with the kibble.

Panel 2: As she tells Lizzie what a bad baby she is, she scoops the food back in the dish and thus attracts the attention of an enthusiastic and hungry Farley.

Panel 3: As she keeps on blathering at a child who cannot understand what it is she's saying, she picks the dish up and takes it with her into another room. Farley follows them.

Panel 4: We see him with a confused, downcast expression because his food is on the other side of the closed door he's leaning against. The reason: his owner is so busy berating a child who can't know better, she's forgotten he needs to eat.

Summary: Elly is too absent-minded to be trusted around children and pets.