February 18th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 19 February 2009

As you've no doubt figured out by now, the theme of the past few days is Elly whining about how haaaard it was to spend a night with sick children who made the unreasonable demand that she think about them instead of herself; they spend so much time wanting affection, comfort and other unfair things, Elly takes some "well-deserved" "me time" in Vancouver to irritate and revolt her parents with her griping about her kids' "ingratitude". For now, though, the good people of Milboring are stuck with her; let's see who she annoys and disgusts today. (Besides us, of course.)

Here's a switch: SHE'S the one being revolted.

Panel 1: Annie reminds us that Lynn idolized Schulz by exclaiming "Good Grief" before she asks Elly if she's seen the personals ads.

Panel 2: She's up in arms because it looks to her that it's all swingers looking for partners.

Panel 3: Elly reminds us why she was dead set against Connie placing an ad like this by pointing out that she hasn't the courage to do anything like that; she then asks Annie if she would.

Panel 4: Her answer: "certainly not"; for starters, she'd have to lose about twenty pounds. Since she didn't say she would have sat on her ass and hoped crap would happen, Elly shows us what the Triangle of Horror looks like in profile.

Summary: Elly needn't have worried that Annie would be bolder than she is; this is, of course, a woman who blamed herself for her husband's roving eye.