February 14th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The nice-in-a-very-limited-way thing about the Sunday strips is that in most circumstances they aren't influenced by the action in the weeklies. What we usually get is a slice of bland suburban life that usually finishes with a bad pun or witless overreaction to a non-event.

Today's belated celebration of Valentine's Day is a case in point; we end up with Elly reacting to the mess one of kids made by forming the Triangle of Horror when a knowing, Batiuk-like smirk would be both more appropriate and more welcome.

Panel 1: We're at the florists as John, with Mike in tow, picks up something to give Elly for Valentine's Day.

Panel 2: As he plops down the cash for the Bigass Bowl O'Roses, Mike notices a 'bouquet' of heart-shaped lollipops and makes what could be called the (downward-pointing) Triangle of Glee.

Panel 3: We're now at the Pattermanse; John presents Elly with the BBo'R and Mike presents her with the "Sweet Treats" candy bouquet. It would seem that Elly is delighted that Mike could actually pick something thoughtful out. Too bad that in twenty-five years time, he'll be so indecisive that salesladies can make him buy anything.

Panel 4: As John and Elly's lavender silhouettes kiss, Mike gives Lizzie a choking hazardlollipop.

Panel 5: As he walks off, she licks it...

Panel 6: ...and gets her face all sticky because, hey, she's somewhere between six to eighteen months old.

Panel 7: She next gets the gooey mess on her hands in a failed attempt to make her face less sticky.

Panel 8: This is when she beckons Farley over to share the love.

Panel 9: She kisses him on the back as he gazes longingly at the lollipop she dropped.

Panel 10: As she tries to figure out why her face and hands are covered in dog fur, Elly makes a less virulent version of the upward-pointing Triangle of Horror. We could call it the Triangle of WTF?

Summary: Not only is this icky, it's also a rip-off on a very early Garfield. You see, Jon's face is covered in cat hair. His long-since-retconned-out-of-existence roomie Lyman asks him why and he tells him that he ate a Milk Dud and kissed a cat.
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Q & Eh

Every once in a while, I think to check the "Q & Eh" feature in the "Behind the Scenes" part of the official site. The main page has the four most recent questions, and the first listed is:
Why did Lynn decide to go back in time when she had the opportunity to continue the story line with a new generation, probably the first comic strip to do so? It could have been really great and she still could have done "flash backs".
The answer given is
Lynn wanted to make more time to pursue her other interests - after 30 years she needed a break from the deadlines!
Hey, know what else provides more time to pursue other interests and creates a break from the deadlines? Retirement! Sheesh.
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