February 13th, 2009

Lady Candiru

Saturday, 14 February 2009

As you know, Lynn has decided to spend the week of Valentine's Day reminding us that Elly would like to believe that John is an extra-bad person who yells for no reason, patronizes her and wants her to be ugly to keep her home when, in fact, he's simply a clueless jerk with no impulse control and a desire for predictability at all costs. How romantic.

Perhaps later. Right now, we gotta watch Elly moan about how awful it is to be a parent again.

Panel 1: It's pitch-dark o'thirty in the morning. Lizzie is crying for some reason or another which wakes Elly up. She thought-bubbles "Oh, Lizzie. not again." This is because she probably thinks that Lizzie is teething/has colic/is still getting over that cold of Mike's because she has a weak immune system/has diaper rash/fears abandonment to spite her poor, ill-used, long-suffering, etc., etc. mother.

Panel 2: She rocks Lizzie, who's slowly calming down, to sleep.

Panel 3: She then puts her to bed.

Panel 4: A short while later, whatever it is that caused Lizzie to cry out in the first place has resurfaced thus causing another crying bout. The end result is that Elly forms the Triangle of Horror.

Panel 5: She thought-bubbles that this is when sympathy turns into a snarl. Little does she realize that Lizzie isn't who most people would snarl at.

Summary: I know it's not fun to deal with a colicky/teething/frightened new-born/one year old but it's sort of obvious that Elly never got it thorough her head that there'd be nights like this. She seems to have thought that Lizzie would be the passive lump that she took home from the hospital forever.