February 4th, 2009

Disgusted Candiru

Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's fairly obvious what today's strip will be. After all, none of us have to be Carnac the Maginficent to realize that Elly will stand there with palms outstretched telling Connie what she wants to hear in an effort to "spare her feelings". The fact that she gets to lord it over her needy adolescent pal when she comes back with her tail between her legs is simply the Foob God throwing Flapandhonk a freebie.

Okay, so I was wrong about what Elly would do. I was half-right because Connie is still thinking like a teenybopper instead of an adult with a kid.

Panel 1: It's shortly after Elly got off the phone. She says point-blank that Phil's being straight with her; he cares about her but he is not ready to settle down with a wife and family. I should think that this means that history has changed again. Going to Montreal now would be, as apologyhat said, redundant.

Panel 2: It's not like that's a tragedy anyway; she's an 'attractive young' woman and thus should be able to find herself a husband sooner or later. Connie's response is that that's easy for her to say.

Panel 3: She whines that Elly has a partner and doesn't know what it's like to be single and all alone in the world.

Panel 4: We shift our focus to Lawrence and Mike who are eavesdropping on Connie's Motive Rant. Lawrence says that he doesn't know why it is his mother says things like that when she has him. Now that we've seen that Lawrence has been shafted because his mommy made a fool of herself in the comfort of her own living room, this would also seem to make the trip unnecessary.

Summary: Lynn seems to have remembered one thing about the original version of this story: Connie never, ever seemed to take Lawrence's feelings and needs into account at all. It was all about her hunger for a man; the hopes and fears of the obstacle Pablo left behind came a distant second to that.