February 3rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Since it's clear to Connie that Elly isn't doing enough to make sure that Phil learns that he can't get it for free, we're about to be subjected to an awkward rant about why she has to go to Montreal and get let down easily. Since she's a basket case, she's going to misinterpret his attempts to spare her feelings in the worst light possible.

Maybe tomorrow. Today, Phil's trying to tell Elly to tell her friend to cool it.

Panel 1: We see him in his apartment talking to Elly on the phone. He tells her that Connie is a sweet lady and they had loads of laughs but he's not ready to settle down.

Panel 2: We switch back to the Pattermanse as he says she's got a kid so she needs someone who wants to settle down in the 'burbs, get domesticated and do the nine-to-five bit.

Panel 3: As Elly tries to position the handset in a way that prevents eavesdropping, Phil tells her point blank that he is not the man she's looking for. Connie asks what he's saying about her.

Panel 4: She then tells us that she sort of realizes what Phil's massage was by saying that she'd rather not know.

Summary: This tells me that she'll either go to Montreal to force the issue or that Elly will lie to spare her feelings and thus set her up to be humiliated. Either way, Lynn plans to make an even bigger mess of this story line than it used to be.
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