January 7th, 2009

Calm Candiru

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Here's something that I find interesting that might make today's strip seem a little ironic: two years ago today, Liz was en route to Mtigwaki to attend the character assassination of Paul Wright. Weird, huh? When I first started my blog, we were all trying to figure out why Liz would get herself in a mess like that. Now, we're trying to figure out why Connie got herself in this fix and why Lynn feels the need to dump all over her kid brother's avatar. About the only commonality I can see is that they both suffer from the destructive influence of Elly Patterson in their lives.

Oh, wait. There's something else they have in common: neither of them will listen to reason.

Panel 1: We continue where we left off from yesterday with Elly trying to get Connie to use her head and admit the Phil is not her type.

Panel 2: He's independent, into music, practices at all hours and is into yoga.

Panel 3: As far as she can see, he's not a family man and will never settle down. Connie says she knows all this....

Panel 4: Other than that, though, he's perfect owing to his being an unattached man. Her continuing to be hung up on him visibly angers Elly.

Summary: Elly does have half a point here; Phil isn't going to settle down with Connie because he can't picture life with her. He was waiting for Georgia to come along because she made him feel complete; Elly couldn't 'see' anyone doing that so we don't know who Georgia is and never will; we can't diss Elly by making her enlighten herself, after all.