January 4th, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 5 January 2009

It seems to me that Lynn might skip over the strip that has Mike wish the holidays would last a bit longer so we can have RePhil be made into an evil, lying reptilian puppy-eater from another planet who strings lonely women along because he has orders from the Global Conspiracy that consists of every heterosexual male on the face of the Earth to do so. If so, I don't mind; I'd rather watch those bees be ground than the "Oh, woe is me! I have to cleanup my kid's toys" ones.

aprilp_katje can rejoice because the patriarchy will have to mess with Connie tomorrow; it's Elly's turn to be oppressed by the younger members of the cabal.

Panel 1: As Mike and Lawrence are walking back to school, Mike says that the trouble with the holidays is that they're over too fast; Lawrence agrees with him.

Panel 2: As she surveys the clutter he left behind, Elly says that the trouble with the holidays is that they last too long.

Summary: Once again, Elly's stupidity has bit her on the ass. Did it occur to her to teach Mike to pick up after himself? Probably but she called a halt to things when he started showing signs of defiance by doing things in a way that made sense to him instead of slavishly copying her. Simply put, she's waiting for him to admit that her way is the only way. The end result of that is that he grew up to be a slob.

ETA: If Lynn doesn't decide to insert a new-run that hits us over the head with the fact of Phil's departure, we'll see Connie whining in her coffee that like'em and leave'em is the story of her life tomorrow.

ETA2: Lynn is back from Christmas holidays and to point that out, she has a new banner on her site.
Hells Yes!

This Seemed Aprops

Woman on a Mission to Marry in 52 Weeks.

Pickett, a 42-year-old media consultant from New Jersey, launched a Web site Thursday called www.52weeks2findhim.com to help her meet her future mate by next New Year's Eve.

It's online dating to the extreme, but Pickett thinks it's so simple, it just might work. A man can just go on her site and fill out a profile.

"I think what happens a lot is men will go to the dating Web sites and they just sort of have to plow through hundreds of different profiles," Pickett said today on "Good Morning America."

"The goal was try to make it easier for men and say, 'Here's this Web site where you can easily go and learn about me and watch the videos.' It's not just my picture and you meet me and I look different from my picture. I have videos up there. I have friends talking about me."

To quote fark.com, there is nothing as attractive as a desperate woman past her "use by" date. xp

On the subject of looking desperate, Ms. Pickett acknowledged that her efforts might be perceived as desperate. "I do worry about it," she said. "But I think there's a little of a double standard. I think of shows like 'The Bachelor,' they don't ever refer to the guy as desperate, but always the women."

She makes a good point, but that doesn't change the fact the proverbial shoe fits. The website is one step away from standing on a platform in Times Square with a huge flashing neon sign over your head that reads "Guys, I'm single! Please check me out!". She can rationalize, justify, and try to explain why this isn't a sign of desperation, but actions speak louder than words and these actions scream "I'M DESPERATE! SAVE ME FROM BEING SINGLE!"