January 3rd, 2009

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's the first Sunday strip of 2009; I wonder if Lynn will have an extended rant about how awful it is for Elly to have to put away the Christmas decorations in a pointlessly inefficient manner.

Nope; it's a reprint about Mike, Lizzie, Elly, a false accusation (Elly: Don't feed the puppy table scraps, Mike) and the piss-poor eating habits of the Pattersons (Feed Lizzie table scraps instead).

Panel 1: We start off with Mike at the dinner table telling an unseen figure "Here ya go. Come on."......

Panel 2: ...."That's right, take it." as he passes said entity his food.

Panel 3: Elly comes in and tells him she's told him many times not to feed the dog under the table.

Panel 4: She then looks down and sees that he isn't; he's feeding Lizzie under the table. What's more, she's eating whatever it is he's feeding her and liking it.

Panel 5: She asks him what she's eating with such gusto. He says his broccoli.

Panel 6: She says "Broccoli?!" with a manic grindelighted little smile on her face.....

Panel 7: .....and takes over from Mike. That's right; she's feeding Lizzie under the table and gushing "Here, girl. Nice Lizzie."

Summary: Being happy that Liz will eat her greens is one thing but this is just plain nuts. Couldn't she have put the kid in her highchair or something and had her eat like a person?

I just deleted my past entry, for those who are looking for it

It was an article related to the 12/7/08 strip where Lizzie is crying, and research about letting babies cry it out. I feel like a real asshole for posting it, and the last thing I meant to do was imply people here were horrible parents; the article dealt directly with a conversation people on these boards were having a few weeks ago. I don't remember anger and hurt feelings then, so I thought it was kosher to post it. I was wrong, and I'm sorry. I'm hope it's okay to delete it.