dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

The Top Ten Characters Lynn Doesn't Realize Are Underdogs - Number 5

You'll have noticed a bit of a pattern with the underdogs that Lynn doesn't seem to see as being underdogs: they all have 'making Elly look bad' in common. Martha and Rhetta highlight that she's an insecure bitch with a problem with letting go. Moira and Iris shine a harsh light on her poorly hidden desire to parade around like Queen Kong. Molly and a few upcoming characters show us that Elly is a fragile idiot who fears teenagers because she has the mental image of juvenile delinquents laughing as they bury her alive by kicking the dirt into her grave soldered into her brain because that's what she wanted to do to her mother. The person I'm talking about today is 'guilty' of making Elly feel like the inept failure of a mother she is without really apologizing for it: Anne Nichols.

This is because she is punished for her failure to coddle Elly by having a loafer husband who cheats on her, devil children who can't be tamed because Papism, a mutant daughter with no personality at all and above all, a neighbor who lies to her about why she never talks to her after she decides that she needs to take care of herself instead of working for free for a rich idiot's nunbskull of a trophy wife.

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