December 31st, 2008

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Thursday, 1 January 2008

If things keep on going the way they have, Elly will spend the night worrying why Phil is so late coming back from the date she set him up on. Are he and Connie:

a) laughing it up at her expense?

b) having a one-night stand wherein he caps things off by telling her that he isn't looking for a wife right now?


c) laying the foundation for a lasting marriage?

It should be noted that I've listed the possibilities in the order that most frighten Flapandhonk. She can take ridicule and was prepared for a royal mess; it's the idea that her filthy trick could backfire and produce something good that gives her the heebie-jeebies.

In any event, everything that happens in the immediate vicinity is all about her as this:

Panel 1: Elly screams that her brother is out somewhere with her best friend.

Panel 2: As she wears a groove in the floor pacing, she moans that she bets he swept her off her feet or took advantage of her vulnerability. In the original version of history, John, who warned her not to play with fire, is keeping his mouth shut because he doesn't want to get killed for saying "I told you so" or "What are you, their mom?" In the new-and-improved version, he's just found out why Elly is freaking out.

Panel 3: Her asking him how Phil could do that to his big sister would baffle him in any interpretation of events.

demonstrates. It never seems to have occurred to her that the world was not herself. Tomorrow's strip, which features Phil's refusal to kiss and tell, is a reminder of how vain, silly and filled with the desire to jam it to her fellows she is; she gets just as angry at him when he wants to be discreet as she does when he's honest.
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Mike and Dee from Disney


It's Dee writing the joint letter for Mike and myself this year. Mike's hasn't even started school yet- that happens in about 10 days, but he's so paranoid that he'll fall behind in his reading/writing assignments that he's already started! To be fair, he's going to try and juggle 3/4ths a courseload in school this term, an independant study during the summer and full time in the fall. Plus his writing assignments. And parenting. And he's been elected/selected/appointed some kind of leader in WOW. Of course, most of his WOW stuff now is sitting around a tavern talking to old friends and an occassional raid. He's really working at being more available for us as a family, but school is really stressing him out. He's afraid if he makes less than straight As, he's sending the message to his kids that you don't have to work hard at school, he's already thinking about his Phd, if he decides to go that route, and he's realizing how expensive it will be.

I'm going to start working some extra hours in Feb to add to our savings for this summer, when we go to live at the retreat that Mike fell in love with. I hope the kids can understand that I'm trying to make sure that I can take off the whole summer and just be with them.

Right now, I'd think they'd forgive almost anything, given that I'm writing this letter from Disney's Fort Wilderness Cabins and that Merrie just has her princess breakfast while Robin got to play with Micky and Goofy. I'll have to let Merrie and April tell you about the vacation. I've learned that everybody takes away something different from these trips.

For me- it was the term spa makeover. I've changed my makeup, dyed my hair reddish blonde, bought new clothes at the Orlando Mall- April and Sue, the daughter of two of my friends from Life Positative- helped me pick out new clothes. Prior to the vacation, I lost 15 pounds... and now I feel like a brand new woman. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I started taking bellydance lessons at the community center that April takes yoga at. It's helped put me in touch with my younger, funner side and most certainly my feminine side.

All be it, a woman who doesn't know the difference between Marvel and DC comics. I took the kids to Universal Theme Park for a day to see Batman. Robin now loves Spiderman... so it all worked out. Last night, Micheal and I took the kids to Midieval Times. April and Sue elected to go out and get some Indian as April was getting a little tired of salads, Boca Burgers, Artist Point and the need to keep everything G rated by then. I think they had fun... and I've worked to keep this trip very low key and not have too many demands on April. Let's just say Mike wasn't the only person to pack text books.

Tomorrow is going to be another fun day at Epcot (And thank Goodness dad bought the kids Pal Mickey to help us avoid the lines) and then the Hoop-Dee-Doo dinner. We fly back on the 9th. Being the mean mom I am, I made the kids miss some school but worked it out ahead of time.

I don't know what I'll do next year for Christmas- it won't be this over the top but I think the kids really needed a magical Christmas, and so did the adults. Merrie's going to believe in Santa for the next 30 years :)

Right now though, I'm going to take advantage of the kids being with a group, April and Sue being gone, and tear that book out of Mike's hands. Tonight, April's agreed to baby sit the kids while Mike and I go to Restaurant Marrakesh and then to see Cirque du Soleil.