December 30th, 2008

Angry Candiru

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

It seems obvious that today's strip will have John question Elly's good will and intellect because she's trying to put two people (Phil and Connie) who have no business being together together; Elly's response is to hope that they come to their senses before the New Year's Dance they're attending. What bothers me about this is that he himself was just as ready to plow through human flesh to make his own ego-gratifying dream of the Settlepocalypse an ugly and ultimately doomed reality. He had nothing riding on Philonnie so he knew it was a disaster and wanted it stopped.

Silly me. That would present John in a good light. Instead, we skip right over that to:

Panel 1: John and Elly are watching television. She's leaning on his shoulder and he has a beverage in his free hand. We hear "5-4-3-2-1!!!" because they're watching Dick Clark (or someone like him) bring in the New Year.

Panel 2: This is highlighted by the crowd on the box yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"

Panel 3: As they cuddle, he says "Well, girl, it looks like we made it through another year." That's kind of sweet.

Panel 4: It also sets us the punchline. You see, Mike and Lizzie are out of bed because they think something special is going on; he tells her they might as well not have bothered because it was just Mom and Dad engaging in hugging, kissing and other acts of wanton violence.

Summary: When you remember that this kid grows up to be so afraid of human contact that he pathetically bleats for his wife to keep his kids from touching him, it ain't as funny.

ETA: As expected, the New Year's Banner just appeared. I wonder if this mess will last until the 2010s.