December 29th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

There are two options for what today's strip might be. First, we have the reprint that has Phil give Elly a clunky description of Connie's charms and tell her what they really have in common is an allergy to dust. The second choice is to have a new-run that might open aprilp_katje up to accusations of copyright infringement.

It's the former and it shows us why Elly hates Phil: he had the same nasty habit Jim has of calling her on her shit.

Panel 1: He apologizes for taking so long to get back from dropping Mike off for the afternoon but Connie invited him in.

Panel 2: They'd discussed the outrageously high price of theater tickets, the future of big cars and joys or lack thereof of wok cooking.

Panel 3: He says she's not that bad looking in a manner that suggests that Lynn has no idea how men describe women they find attractive and no desire to learn and that the only thing they actually have in common is a dust allergy. An angered Elly tells him to cut it out.

Panl 4: A confused and mildly angered Phil says that he knows she was playing matchmaker; he was trying to be a good guy by being honest.

Summary: It seems to me that Phil might have been more receptive to the idea of a Connie future if he hadn't been subjected to years of Elly's interference in his life.
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