December 25th, 2008

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 26 December 2008

I wonder what sort of nonsense we're in for now. My gut tells me that Elly will look at the wrapping paper and think that because she has to pick it up that she's suffering like no one has ever suffered before or will since but I could be wrong. It's more than likely that we, as aprilp_katje said, will see the reprint that has Elly tell Connie not to overuse the adjective 'single' when she talks to Phil.

That's because I too thought she'd skip over the one where John gifted Elly with an appliance instead of a minksuede coat.

Panel 1: We see Elly on the phone. She's telling Anne that she indeed gave JSF some hints as to what her Christmas gift should be.

Panel 2: She said to buy her something frivolous (I'll return to that adjective later) and expensive that she could show off to her friends.

Panel 3: She surmises that what they had was a failure to communicate.

Panel 4: She explains that she wanted a minksuede coat but got a trash compactordishwasher. It says a lot that he wouldn't get her the same sort of ego-gratifying luxury he regularly awards himself; it says a lot more and a lot worse that he thinks that an appliance is a pointless extravagance. The jackass notices that his mother didn't have a garbage disposal or dishwasher without realizing that his folks would have attended a Black Mass if they thought it would get them the cash to buy big-ticket items like that.

Summary: Say it with me, folks: John is stupid, useless and filled with malice. Whatever. Let's just cut to Elly telling Connie to not start a conversation with "I'm single" and get the week over with.

ETA: On further reflection, I think the joke really is that John was being sensible when Elly wanted him to be irrational. Damn him for giving her a thing she needs instead of something she wants.